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Hardwood Guide

Chilliwack Carpet One Floor & Home in Chilliwack, BC is the place to go when you need the best hardwood flooring. Hardwood is a timeless flooring option due to its natural beauty as well as incredible durability. Not only does hardwood hold its value, but it also adds value to your home. We carry some of the best hardwood brands around, and we can help you pick your perfect floor.

Hardwood is a big investment into your home. The cost alone can be intimidating, but they payoff is even greater than you could expect. Hardwood floors are allergy friendly, making the air in your home cleaner. Hardwood is also easy to maintain, but does require regular maintenance. Always make sure you keep your hardwood floors away from areas with high humidity. If it is unavoidable, here are some tips about how to care for your hardwood floors. Hardwood’s design possibilities are expanding, now you can choose multi-length and multi-width planks to give your floors more dimension. Depending on the type of hardwood you choose can impact how it’ll preform in your home.

Solid vs Engineered Hardwood

Choosing a hardwood floor can come down to whether you want a solid plank or an engineered one. Neither is better than the other, but they do preform much different from each other. Solid hardwood is great for rooms such as bedrooms and dining rooms. Be sure to install a solid hardwood floor in low traffic areas with no moisture. Engineered hardwood floors are made up of multiple layers, making them sturdier than solid hardwood. These floors are perfect for high traffic areas, and even durable enough to be installed in a kitchen. The only drawback is they can only be refinished once or twice unlike solid hardwood which can be refinished multiple times.

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Our Hardwood Flooring Selection

When it comes to hardwood flooring we carry the highest quality and the best brands. You can shop from name brands like Vintage as well as our Carpet One exclusives such as Rustic River. You can confidently shop with us knowing you’ll find a quality floor at an exceptional value.

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Best Hardwood

We make choosing a hardwood floors easier for you by providing some tips on how to choose the best hardwood floor for your room.

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Types of Hardwood

Not all hardwood is made the same, and at our showroom we offer two different types of hardwood: solid and engineered. Follow the link below to learn more.

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Hardwood Maintenance

Keeping your floor clean and well maintained is very important. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to clean and take care of your hardwood floors.

How Do I Care for Hardwood?
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Hardwood Warranties

Make sure you choose the right hardwood floor with a warranty that matches the needs of you and your home. Our flooring professionals can help you find the right warranty.

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