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Bamboo in Chilliwack, BC

Bamboo is one of the trendiest floors on the market right now, and at Chilliwack Carpet One in Hope, we have a beautiful assortment of products. However, bamboo is not only popular because of its look, it also contains many wonderful properties and benefits that make it the ideal choice for modern flooring.

Bamboo resembles hardwood flooring in appearance. The deep rich colors, notches and grains are a timeless classic. Bamboo shares many great performance benefits with hardwood while also making strides of its own. Bamboo has a good dimensional stability and can withstand heavy foot traffic and furniture just like hardwood. Bamboo strips are also sealed and coated with a protective seal which minimizes scratching and adds durability.

The major difference that makes bamboo stand out is its sustainability. The bamboo plant is replenishable and can actually withstand multiple harvests and bamboo plants do not have to be cut down to harvest the rods. Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly products in flooring.

Bamboo is also able to withstand moisture better than many floors due to its tropical origins. While bamboo flooring may not be the best choice for a high moisture area like a bathroom, it is not affected nearly as much by changes in moisture levels as hardwood so you won’t have to worry about buckling or warping.

Bamboo has such a distinct look that can make it the focal point for your new room. Our products come in different sizes and finishes. Take a look here.

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