• Apr 22, 2016
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Colors of Spring

Inspiration Articles Spring Yellows/Oranges Greens Blues/Purples

Spring is in full swing and there are so many visuals to inspire us this time of the year. Everywhere you turn there’s a new bud, a bright pop of color or a free flowing stream. Bring that new life into your home décor. Whether you’re planning a quick update or a complete renovation, spring inspired colors can provide a light, fresh feel for your home. From plants to pendant lighting, the ways to add spring colors to your décor are endless. We've compiled a few of our favorite ideas for "springing" your decor out of winter.


Visions of tender, young plants emerging from the earth and bright green leaves that suddenly appear in spring can be your inspiration for a calming natural room. Here are some decor ideas for bringing a little green into your home this spring.

Untitled design (6)

Images: Bathroom, Over the Top Creations; Living Room, Weranda; Dinnerware, Pottery Barn; Bedroom, Pop Sugar; Drapes, My Domain; Vases, Tisane/Fushion.


Sweet, fragrant lilac is the perfect inspiration for your home. From walls to accents a little, or a lot, of lilac can transform a winter hideaway into a spring haven.


Images: Bedroom, Lily All Sorts. Rosemary, Laughing With Angels; Doorknob, Huffington Post, Chair, Anthropologie, Flatware, Martha Stewart; Window Seat, House Beautiful


The feeling of warm sunshine is one of the first signs of spring. Bring that cheerful feeling to your home with bright, energizing yellows.


Images: Vases, The Creativity Exchange; Drapes, Architectural Digest; Bedding, Apartment Therapy; Wall Decor, The Budget Decorator; Throw Pillows, Simple Details Are The Difference; Kitchen Stools, Minted.


From April Showers to clear the lakes and streams of spring in summer, shades of blue are abundant in spring. They can may your home feel relaxing and fresh all year round.


Images: Front Door, One Sutton Place; Bedroom, al-textures-indigo-blue-cottlesloe/">Design Hunter; Outdoor Decor, Rue Daily; Table, Maine Cottage; Pendant Lights, Niche Modern; Throw, Flickr.

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