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Bedroom Flooring Ideas Chilliwack, BC

When it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom, you need to think about flooring that can deflect moisture and protect your sub-floor. When it comes to the living room, you're thinking of foot traffic and durability. The great thing about the bedroom is that it's your own environment, you don't have to worry about heavy foot traffic or people dripping water from the shower all over the floor. This is your space, and you can choose whatever flooring you please. Here are a few ideas:

For many, carpeting is the go-to choice for the bedroom. It may be a little more high-maintenance than laminate, but when you step out of bed in the middle of the night, the soft feeling of carpet simply can't be beat.

White tile can lend your bedroom a sense of elegance, while earth-tone tiles can make it feel homey and inviting. You might be thinking of tile as cold and sterile, but take a look at different styles of the flooring and see what you think.

Hardwood tends to be a little more high-maintenance than tile or carpet, but the great thing about using it for bedroom flooring is that you don't really need to worry about the damage that spills and foot traffic do to hardwood. In other words, you can select from more delicate hardwood flooring options because it doesn't need to withstand as much in the bedroom as it would in the living room or in the kitchen.

Once upon a time, laminate flooring was sold in big rolls of solid laminate. Nowadays, it's comprised of a base layer for stability, a core layer for support, and a decorative layer that can replicate anything from sand and hardwood to stone and tile, in an affordable, low-maintenance package.

Stone is simply a beautiful material to use when flooring your bedroom. High-end in appearance and feel, but more affordable than you might guess.

Whatever you choose for your bedroom flooring, take time to find something that you really like, and go with what you love.