Best Carpet Cleaner Tips Chilliwack, BC


Carpet care is a necessary part of home maintenance. At Chilliwack Carpet One in Chilliwack, BC, we want to make sure to provide you with the knowledge to be able to best care for your carpet. While there will be times when you will need professional repairs or services for your carpet, most of the time the best carpet cleaner is you! With our easy tips and fixes, you’ll be doing plenty of things to prevent further damage and maintain the freshness of your carpet.

Easy ways to brighten and refresh your carpet:

For when it’s humid

Humidity and damp weather can cause a carpet to ripple or buckle. But, the ripples will usually disappear when the weather dries up, so just keep an eye on the progress. Another cause of buckling could be improper stretching when your carpet was installed, and if that’s the case, you will need to have your carpet re-stretched.

For when it’s busy

Heavy foot traffic or high impact drops or the weight of furniture can all contribute to carpet crushing. While every carpet will crush to a certain degree, you can alleviate this with some small fixes. Place cups or furniture glides under the legs of your furniture when moving the furniture around. Also, moving the furniture will give heavy traffic areas a break and minimize the crushing.

For when it’s sunny

Direct sunlight and carpet are definitely not best friends. Direct sunlight can cause a carpet’s color to fade, and once carpet loses its color, there is no way to revive it. The best thing to do in order to prevent fading is to limit your floor’s exposure to the sun. You can do this by installing window treatments such as blinds or curtains, and then leaving them closed when you are not using the room. This will protect carpet from ultraviolet light and ensure a fade free carpet!

To learn more about solutions to common carpet concerns and how to clean carpet, consult us today. Chilliwack Carpet One is proud to serve the homes and businesses of Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz, Hope and Chilliwack.