Carpet Trends Chilliwack, BC

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Having carpeting installed in your home is a major investment, which is why it is so important for homeowners to shop carefully for carpet that will be well worth that investment and stand the test of time. While it is true that design trends come and go, you will find that there are specific carpet trends that have endured for decades without looking the least bit dated. These timeless and enduring carpet styles are not only durable but match a wide variety of home furnishings which tend to change over the years.
3 Carpet Trends That Have Endured Over Time
• Closed Loop Style - Popular since the early 1990‘s, closed loop style carpets are an enduring trend in carpeting because of their ability to resist dirt and stains. If your main consideration in  choosing a carpet is functional, and finding a type of carpet that is easy to maintain is most important to you, you may want to start by looking at closed loop style carpeting.
• Neutral Colors -  Neutral colors are very popular for a number of reasons including their ability to match a variety of different styles of furniture and their natural ability to hide stains and dirt. Neutral colored carpet also makes it easier to sell your home, as potential home buyers will be more likely to feel comfortable with a home purchase if they can easily imagine the carpet matching their furniture and home decor. It is much easier to achieve a degree of elegance in your home decor when your carpeting is easily matched to your furnishings.
• Patterned Carpeting - Patterned carpets remain among the most popular carpeting choices mainly because they hide dirt and stains. Carpet patterns may appear to be busy, but that can be used to your advantage because patterns have a way of leading the eye to specific focal points in the room. Patterned carpets are best paired with furnishings and curtains that are solid colored, unless you are planning to have them provide a contrast to other patterns in the room.
Choosing the Right Carpet
Choosing the right carpet depends primarily on your lifestyle. If you are not sure how to find the right type of carpet flooring to suit your family’s needs, contact one of our specialists for a consultation. Whether your main considerations are aesthetic or practical, we can help you find the perfect carpet flooring for every room in your home. To get started you can visit our showroom, or schedule an in-home consultation with one of our carpeting experts to get a better idea about which carpet trend will work best in your home.