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Cork in Chilliwack, BC

Cork flooring is an exotic and eco-friendly flooring option. Instead of being harvested from the wood of the cork oak tree, cork is harvested from the bark. This process is done without damaging the tree which makes a cork floor a sustainable product!

Cork has a similar structure to a honeycomb. The cells that make up cork are spread out and retain a lot of air. This structure gives cork a wonderfully soft feel underfoot while still maintaining resiliency and the ability to bounce back from heavy impacts or furniture.

Cork’s honeycomb structure also makes it a natural sound reducer. Cork absorbs vibrations and sounds and spreads them out which reduces the noise between floors. Cork is a great option for entertainment or playrooms where noise levels could get high.

Corks airiness and absorbency reduces heat loss which can save you money during the cold winter months. Cork maintains a stagnant temperature and will never feel too hot or cold to the touch.

Cork is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial which makes it a great room for sensitive households. Cork has a natural wax in it called suberin which is a natural mold and bug repellent, and because of its structure, cork will not absorb dust.

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