Floor Tile Patterns in Chilliwack, BC

Tile in style!

Ceramic and stone tiles are so versatile. They come in many shapes and sizes, and many are glazed with different finishes that can add some texture or color. Tiles are also not just for flooring. They can function as a kitchen backsplash, a fireplace border, an outdoor walkway or be placed in a tub or shower. One of the coolest things about tile is that because they come in different sized pieces, there are so many different ways to design your floors.

At Chilliwack Carpet One in Chilliwack, BC, we want to share some of our favorite kitchen and bathroom tile designs to inspire and help you. Read more about our picks for floor tile patterns below. If you’re interested in learning more about tile flooring, kitchen tile or bathroom tile, call us today. Chilliwack Carpet One is proud to serve customers throughout Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs, Hope and Agassiz.

Square- standard and straight, these tiles are arranged in uniform rows and columns for a uniform look.

Offset- take the square design, move each alternating row a little to the side, and you’ll have an offset pattern reminiscent of bricks.

Diagonal- this design is made from flipping tiles on their side for a precise and pointed diamond shape.

Checkerboard-building off the diagonal design, checkerboard involves the same idea but with alternating colors.

Diagonal with dots- add a little extra personality by adding insets into a traditional diagonal pattern.

Basketweave- this design makes rows of tiles appear like they are going over and under other rows, just like in weaving.