A Hardwood Floor from Chilliwack, BC

Rustic River

After weighing the options and doing your research, you’ve decided on hardwood as your next floor. However, now a whole new set of factors start to emerge like hardwood species, texture, finish and style. Just like with a lot of the items you keep in and around your home, you tend to favor certain brands over others. So, we at Chilliwack Carpet One in Chilliwack, BC are sharing some details on one of our most popular brands of hardwood, Rustic River. The Rustic River collection features warm, rich planks of wood that are finished with rustic elements and techniques. This collection includes lovely weathered and bold textures paired with traditional colors. Distressed styles are then added for a unique finish.

Our Rustic River collection of hardwood planks can be recognized by three distinct features:

Prominent Markings: aged and hand-scraped for an artisinal look

Distressed Edges: scraped and pillowed, finished with blackened edges for a lived-in finish

Standout Planks: no plank of Rustic River is exactly like any other.

Our Rustic River features one of our best warranties which includes the Beautiful Guarantee. The Beautiful Guarantee states that if you don’t absolutely love your floor after it has been installed, we will replace it with another product FREE. If you’re looking for a classic yet unique spin on traditional hardwood flooring, Rustic River is the floor for you. Come check out our products in-store today or start shopping here.