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Pet Friendly Flooring Chilliwack, BC

Pet stains can be difficult to get rid of, and you can have a beautiful hardwood floor ruined by your pet that runs too hard across the floor. Whether you want to have a painted concrete look, or you want flooring that looks like wood, you have choices. With vinyl flooring made to look like wood or stone, bamboo, natural fiber rugs and more, you can make your home look great while keeping it pet friendly at the same time.

Vinyl tile is an Excellent Flooring Option

Vinyl flooring has come a long way, and it is now made to duplicate the look of wood and stone flooring options without the high cost associated with this type of floor. With vinyl tile, you can change out one tile, an great option when you have pets who might scratch or stain a small area of your floor. When a tile needs replacement, it's easy when you have used vinyl tile.

Bamboo Flooring Looks Like Hardwood

Bamboo flooring is less expensive than hardwood, as it is a material that grows very fast. Bamboo flooring is an excellent options for families that have pets, because it's hard to destroy and easy to clean up. If you have a room that is a high traffic area, bamboo flooring will work perfectly.

Consider Painting Your Concrete Floor

When you have a concrete floor that you aren't sure what to do with, consider painting the concrete. This is an affordable way to change the floors in your home, and your pets won't be able to destroy the finish. You can use paint to create a design on the floor, or simply use a stain to make the floor more attractive.

Other choices to consider are when you have pets are throw rugs or carpets that are easy to clean such as sisal carpets. To keep your home looking great when you have pets, it's important to use flooring options that are easy to clean, stain resistant, and durable.