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How to Remove Hair from Carpet

The best words a carpet cleaning company can hear from a potential client is that their home has pets, particularly furry ones. Dogs and cats in particularly are well known for regular shedding. And the furrier or bigger the animal, the better (although some short hair pets are quite capable of dumping their share of hair too).

The shedding of animals is a natural process. Unfortunately, pets shed just about everywhere, and definitely where they like to sit, sleep and lounge.  That means both a lot of hair being dumped in a given location as well as the hair being matted and embedded into the given carpet area as well.

So how does one pick up all this leftover hair from pets? After a while it becomes both noticeable and unsightly. Surprisingly, there are more options available versus just the obvious suction approach. Here’s a few.

Wet Sponging

Most folks wouldn’t think of using a wet sponge to pick up hair, but it works exceedingly well. That’s because the moist sponge practically gets any hair it makes contact with to stick to the sponge surface. Once an area has been cleaned of loose material with a quick vacuum pass, the clumped sections that won’t let loose will pull up right away with the sponge. Even further, the moisture causes hair to stick to itself, making bigger rolls and clumps easy to pick up by hand.

Baking Soda

A cheap method of carpet powder cleaning is baking soda. When the baking soda hits the carpet it affects hair in the carpet fibers and loosens the material. When passed over with vacuum, the baking soda and hair get sucked up far easier, removing the material and cleaning carpets more effectively. This is the same approach used with fancy carpet cleaning powder. The big difference, however, is that the baking soda is far cheaper.

Fabric Softener Mixture

Another alternative method for loosening stubborn hair from carpet involves a mixture of liquid softener and water sprayed on the given floor area. Once dry, the softener will have chemically affected the hair, causing it to soften. That in turn makes it far easier to vacuum and pull up from the carpet, reducing resistance and cleaning effort.

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