Waterproof Flooring

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Waterproof Flooring Options

Is function more important than fashion when it comes to choosing your flooring? Why choose one over the other? With a plethora of options now available, there are more waterproof flooring choices than ever before. From carpeting to vinyl and tile, Chilliwack Carpet One Floor & Home carries waterproof flooring selections to suite every budget, taste, and style: visit our showroom today and experience how wonderful waterproof flooring can be.

Invincible H2O vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl

The unmistakable richness of natural hardwood would be the perfect addition to your kitchen, but the high potential for splashes and spills is giving you cold feet. With waterproof luxury vinyl, it’s safe and easy to incorporate the lovely facades of natural stone and hardwood into even your most challenging spaces. We offer up hundreds of waterproof and water resistant vinyl options, including Invincible H20.

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Tile has traditionally been the go-to choice for more moisture-prone environments. The major difference is that today, there are more waterproof tile options than ever before. Choose from thousands of stunning patterns and colours.

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Tigressa H2O waterproof carpet

Waterproof Carpet

Once upon a time, “waterproof carpet” was about as common as a unicorn. Today, however, there are many brands and styles of carpeting made especially for families on the go- including those who children and pets. You’ll never worry about life’s little accidents with our waterproof carpeting options, including some luxurious selections of Tigressa H2O.

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