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Carpet in Chilliwack, BC

When you walk in your house after a long day, the first thing you want to do is take off your shoes and relax. Clean, comfortable, soft carpet underneath your feet can make that experience even more pleasant. Chilliwack Carpet One Floor & Home has a friendly staff waiting to help you choose your new carpet. Do you want a traditional look? They can help you discover carpet with the right colour and texture for your home. Are you looking for something trendier? Our friendly team will guide you around the showroom and find flooring that will help your room stand out. Whatever style, colour, type, and material you want, we will help you find carpet that fits your home and your budget. Shop our carpet selection now!


Types of Carpet Flooring

It is important to consider the different carpet features when it comes to replacing old carpet in your home with new carpet. Resistance to everyday wear and use has become important to most homeowners. From stain-resistant options to completely waterproof carpets, manufacturers are taking into consideration that homeowners want long-lasting durable carpeting their home.


Types of Carpet Fibres

Choosing a new carpet for your home is more than just finding the right colour, it is also about the type of fibre that would perform best in your home. The most popular types of fibres used in carpets are nylon, polyester, triexta, olefin/polypropylene, and wool.


Nylon is a popular choice in carpet compared to other synthetic fibres such as polyester. The benefits of nylon include top quality performance and that it keeps its look for longer. One thing you should know about nylon is that it needs to be treated and dye sites need to be filled and the fibre needs to be coated in a stain resistant treatment so stains will not fill in the dye sites.


Polyester comparatively costs less than nylon carpets, but is a less durable option in some cases. New technology is changing the chemistry of polyester, however, making it more durable than what homeowners have become used to.



Olefin/polypropylene is best for families who are not very active in the home, and is more for residential settings. These types of carpets feature more decorative patterns and are designed to be looked at rather than be lived on.


Wool is one of few natural fibres and is considered a green flooring option. Wool is considered a hypoallergenic option due to its ability to trap allergens and stop them from floating into the breathing zone.


Triexta is a cousin to polyester. It is inherently stain resistant, and unlike nylon fibres it does not need to be treated in order to be stain-resistant. Triexta can be seen as an equal to nylon in terms of durability and stain resistance.


Carpet Installation

When it’s time for installation, you can rest assured that our installers will treat your home with care. We can help you find the perfect carpet for your home that balances both your needs and the needs of your home. Our flooring professionals can help you choose the right type of carpet flooring for your setting, whether you need a pet-friendly option or kid-friendly choice. Carpet is not ideal for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens, but it’s perfect for cozy spaces like bedrooms and living rooms.


Our Carpet Selection

We know our customers have their own unique style, so feel free to choose from our wide selection. In addition to name brand carpets you know and trust, we also carry Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brands such as Relax, it’s… Lees®, Oath by Resista®, Tigressá®, and Innovia Xtreme Clean™. We're proud to serve customers throughout Chilliwack, BC, Hope, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs and other surrounding cities.


Learn More About Carpet

How to Care for Carpet

How to Care for Carpet

Caring for your carpet is much easier than you think! Follow the link below to learn more about our carpet care tips.




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"Their workmanship, customer service, and clean up was extraordinary. The stairs, landing, and bedroom with carpet and laminate with such time efficiency in a couple of hours.  Thank you Matt and your crew. You deserve even an higher merit if there was. I highly recommend this company. All the best in your future." - Linda F


"We picked our carpets in 10 minutes, & had our installer here within the week to complete. Friendly & Fabulous service!" - Christine

"Great service, excellent workmanship in the installation." - Jim and Diana B.


Timely work, after a nice reception at the store it didn’t take long to get measured up and carpet installed. In and out by lunchtime. - Charles and Mary


"Very happy with my new carpet. Installed and delivered on time."  - Ken and Beryl W.

"I came into the showroom and needed some help quickly. I was able to have a staff member come directly to my condo and measure that day. Within 3 days I had the new Carpet installed. Great service and quick. Thank you to all involved." - Keith S.

"We are very happy with the service as well as the carpet layers, Mike and his crew are awesome."  - Chri



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