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Polished Concrete

Polish Up with Chilliwack Carpet One!

At Chilliwack Carpet One, we offer quality concrete polishing and finishing services. Concrete finishing is the process of smoothing concrete to turn a rough, raw concrete surface into a shiny and polished one.


Why Choose Concrete Floors, Countertops, & More

Concrete is not the first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about home décor. However, concrete surfaces are gaining in popularity in residential spaces for their unique, modern look and many benefits. Concrete surfaces such as floors and countertops are low-maintenance and don’t require much cleaning besides weekly wiping or mopping. Concrete is also long-lasting and will definitely last the life of a home; it can last 100 years or more! Since concrete is a sustainable material, floors or countertops made from it are an environmentally friendly option.


Popular Concrete Finishing styles

Concrete is low in cost yet can still be finished in a myriad of ways that will highlight its visual and aesthetic appeal. The appearance of polished concrete differs depending on the number of cuts done. The current trend is a “salt and pepper” look that requires less cutting and just has a speckled, natural visual. However, some clients still prefer the look of a deeper cut floor that exposes the stone in the concrete. Every floor cut this way differs, depending on the amount and colour of the stones embedded in the concrete. Either method requires a good sealer, that helps prevent staining and makes for easier maintenance. 


Best Spaces for Concrete Surfaces

Due to the heavy equipment required, the area to be polished should be easy to access, with larger room sizes. Moving the grinders around causes some damage to surrounding doors and walls, so it should be done prior to that work being completed. Additionally, the finishing work creates some dust, despite our excellent vacuum system. Given all of this, commercial and residential new construction spaces are best suited to polishing concrete. Polished concrete is also a popular finish for garage floors. 


Are you thinking about a concrete surface for your home or in need of a polish? Call us today at 800-940-2809 to discuss how we can work with you to achieve the look you want. Chilliwack Carpet One is proud to serve customers throughout the areas of Hope, Agassiz, and Chilliwack.

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